Lunch Sessions

No Love Without Gratitude

We have to receive the ones God has surrounded us with, with gratitude and thankfulness.

Loving the Lie

Our spirit is the place for the truth to settle in us, but there is also a place for the lie to settle in us.

Body, Soul and Spirit

This a key basic: What are the purposes of each and what defines them?

Pretty but Hollow- The Spiritual Green Revolution

Valuing the process of refining.

Not Forsaking the Assembly

What is the assembly? And what is Oneness? Denying another person’s place in the Body of Christ, or abdicating our own place prevents us from reaching our goal, oneness. And oneness and unity aren’t the same things.

Taking the Principals of the Kingdom Seriously

We shouldn’t be astonished by the things we see.

When the Band-aid Does More Harm Than Good: Randi Skelton

Randi talks about how she and her husband were given a valuable spiritual lesson from an unpleasant natural experience.

The Love of the Truth: Where the Seeds Land

The parable of the sower has a great deal to do with the love of the truth.

Don’t Confuse the Soul for the Spirit

In this second part of a discussion about meditation and similar practice we talk more about the difference between soul and spirit and how just because something “works” doesn’t make it a good idea.

Seated in Christ: We Live in the Presence of God

The first of a few discussions that center on trying to leverage the soul to achieve a spiritual outcome.

Meat is for the Mature

Discernment is a very necessary early step in maturity.

Revelatory Wisdom: Letting Go of Old Foundations

Relying on the wisdom of God rather than the wisdom we’ve heard or come up with on our own.

Sin: What is it and can it affect physical health?

Sometimes the symptoms are dealt with but the root isn’t pulled up.

3 Common Big Mistakes Made When Learning Righteous Rule (Matriarchal Spirit Part 2)

There are a few easy pits to fall into if we don’t really understand what ruling with a father’s heart is all about.

Matriarchal Spirit

It’s generational, has woven itself into our culture, and is at the root of many issues.

Division in the Body: Jealousy, Envy and Strife

There is no room for competition in the Body of Christ.

Division in the Body

Offense often creates division, but what is offense really? Is it a reason to divide, or is it a mirror God uses to show us something in ourselves?

Dealing with Doubt and Unbelief

Even John, called the greatest prophet by Jesus himself, dealt with it. What do we do with doubt?

Idolatry and Adultery

Love (not?) the world?

Clarification of Paul’s Answer to the Corinthians Regarding Singleness

If context brings clarity, what was the context of Paul’s advice not to marry?

Married or Single? Where is God on this subject?

Question and answer session centered on marriage.  What does God intend? A culture of independence has made oneness very difficult.  What about when Paul says it’s better to be single?

Sam Soleyn Study App

Several people have asked for tools for deeper study, and this app of Sam’s is an excellent one.  In this session we get a brief tour of how it’s laid out and a suggestion for a good conference series to start with.

Why Be Optimistic

Many are looking forward to 2017. Many are not. What circumstances should effect our optimism?

What Restrains Us?

If we aren’t restrained by the law, then what?

No Accountability in the Kingdom of God

7 Spirits of the Lord

Love of the Truth PT 2

Love of the Truth PT 1

Kingdom Authority VS Positional Authority

Oil and Water. Two kingdoms. Two sets of characteristics. You might be surprised at how much we try to mix them.

What is Excellence?

How is the excellence of the kingdom put on display every day?

Let’s Talk About Prayer Part 2: The Conditions of Prayer

Wishing upon a star or praying in the spirit? Which are you doing?

Let’s Talk About Prayer… Part 1

Many different words translated one way.

What Do You Do When You Get Called Into the Deep?

Obey and step in, or pull back and go to what you know?- Continuing to trust regardless of what you see.

Lawlessness: Too Many Choices

We have so many choices in just about everything that it can lead us to just benefiting our own soul.

“…but it’s hard to be submissive.”

Our culture doesn’t make it easy to learn to submit.

No One Harvests an Immature Crop

Another look at Mark 4:26-34

Spiritual Authority is Delegated Authority

Spiritual authority should always be seen as delegated authority, and the purpose of that delegated authority is to be the presence of God to the people who receive you.

What is the Role of a Spiritual Father vs. That of a Covering?

Comparing the roles of a spiritual father and a covering.

How to Function as the Corporate Body Pt. 2

Rehashing last week’s talk about living in and receiving your own, and other’s, gifting.

How to Function as the Corporate Body

What is “Building Up of the Body?”

What is the building up of the body of Christ that Paul talks about in Ephesians?

Who Does God Say You Are?

How do faith, authority, and maturity correlate?

What Are We Celebrating?

Are we representing our Father accurately?

Lend to My Enemy?

A glimpse of our higher standard.

The View From Above

Quick recap of the creation and reminder to look at things from the spiritual perspective and not constrain our understanding to our natural perspective.

Creation: First Days

“Why Can’t I Hear God?” and The Temptation of Provision

A brief discussion of understanding why God may not seem to be answering, and a longer talk about the temptation of provision.

The 5 Steps of Spiritual Maturation

Doug quickly describes the 5 stages of spiritual maturity- not an in-depth study, but a good quick reference.

The Kingdom Recap

A recap of the general principals of the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus instructed us to spread.

Two Agree Together… but which two? and WHOEVER Calls upon the Name of the Lord

We often think of “Two or more” meaning “Me and someone else”, but is that really the case? And how high is the bar for calling upon the name of the Lord?

Preference for the Natural

Seeing natural things through spiritual lenses

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