Douglas B. Allen

Doug Allen has a passion for the Body of Christ to understand both the economy and rule of the Kingdom.

In 2006 the Texas Workforce Commission presented Doug’s company the “Texas Employer of the Year” award. As president and owner of Vertical Turbine Specialists, the value that drove VTS to receive this recognition was the kingdom principal of “rule is always given for the benefit of those subject to it.” With that value Doug makes decision’s not based on the bottom line but instead for the benefit of his employees. In the same way, fathers, husbands, and leaders of all stripes are to keep the benefit of those entrusted to them as their driving value, just as all God’s decisions are for the benefit of his sons (men and women).

Doug travels extensively to equip and encourage the body of Christ, including business owners, to rule well and make decisions with the perspective as sons of God instead of orphans. He resides with his wife Nancy in Lubbock.