Meetings and Gatherings

Who, or what, is the Bride of Christ? Vickie’s House January 14, 2018

What completes a king?  A queen or a kingdom?

Vickie’s House 11-4-17: What Does it Mean to be Outstanding?

Paul’s encouragement (?) to Timothy and the price of being outstanding.

Vickie’s House 9-17-17

What is God pressing us toward as the last days come nearer?

Sam Soleyn and Doug Allen: Building The Mountain of The Lord in Our Current Culture (2017)

Present events and culture through the lens of the eternal. We must uphold the standard God has given us if the nations are going to recognize that we have something they need.

The Administration of a Word from God

The proper administration of what our Father has declared to us. Administration of a word is simply declaring what we’ve been told and confirmed.  It’s not a show, it doesn’t have to be dramatic, it just has to be accurate.

Doug’s House 1-8-17

Love of Truth

Doug’s House 11-13-16

Doug’s House 10-3-16

Doug’s House 8-28-16